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Multi-cavities PET Preform Mould | 72 cavities PET Preform Mould

GEENO Company has leading technology and high-quality services in the industry, specializing in providing customers with high-quality products.

The 72 cavity PET preform mold designed and manufactured has the characteristics of stable structure, high quality, and low cost.


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Part Name 72 Cavities PET Preform Mould
Mould Cavity 2-144 Cavities
Mould Core & Cav Steel S136 ,2344
Delivery Time 45-55 days
Mould Runner System Hot runner Valve gate
Suitable Machine 400T-650T PET Machine


Dear professionals in the mold industry, welcome to GEENO.

Our GEENO brand represents innovation, efficiency, and quality assurance.

Through over 15 years of research and development and technological accumulation,

we are committed to providing customers with durable, precise and reliable PET Preform products.

We are proud that we have always maintained a leading position in both quality and performance.


Our Advantages:

1、High production efficiency


2、Excellent product quality,No matter what type of product you produce,

     our PET Preform molds can provide you with stable and accurate forming effects.


3、Customized Services,we provide customized mold design and manufacturing to ensure

     that you receive the products that best meet your production needs.


4、We have an experienced and professional after-sales service team.

     It can solve any problems encountered during the production process.

     Ensure the continuous and stable operation of your production line.



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