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A crate box mold manufacturer with 15 years of experience

GEENO has over 15 years of experience in plastic crate box mold design and manufacturing, providing customers with high-quality services while ensuring product quality.


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Crate Dimension 580X395X310mm
Crate Weight 1650-1680g
Mould Core & Cav Steel P20/718H
Delivery Time 45-55 days
Mould Runner System Direct gate
Mould Cycle Time 35-45s
Color Regular Colors


Welcome to GEENO Moulding Co., Ltd,

In today's increasingly valued logistics management by enterprises, plastic crate boxes are essential for achieving the universality and integration of logistics containers, as well as modern logistics management for production and distribution enterprises. GEENO Moulding Co., Ltd., have over 15 years of experience in the mold manufacturing industry, serving various countries around the world and providing customers with high-quality services and experiences.


Our Advantages:

1. Our company is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, the capital of mold manufacturing in China, with over 15 years of experience in mold design and manufacturing

2. The service scope is distributed to various countries around the world, providing them with high-quality services.

3. Having good after-sales service.

4. While ensuring quality and mold life, we strive to save costs for our customers as much as possible.

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