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GEENO MOULD -  Plastic Pallet Mould Manufacturer 
Offering you with one-stop solution of plastic pallet injection molding line .

Industrial Pallet, Double Sided Pallet , Single Sided Pallet ...

Hot runner system , P20 / 718H mold steel for mould cavity& core .

Suitable injection machine around 2200T to 3500T model .


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Product Weight 11kg-20kg
Mould Cavity 1
Mould Core/Cavity Steel P20
Runner 8-36 tips hot runner / Cold runner
Suitable Machine 2200-3500T


GEENO Mould -China Plastic Injection Moulds Manufaturer .

Industrial Large Size Mould of Plastic Pallet Mould , we will supply a complex mold structure

solutions for custom design of industrial large size mould, such as Plastic Pallet Mould .

 Geeno is a world-famous good quality plastic injection mold maker.


With Years of experience in different PLASTIC PALLET MOLD making, GEENO team will

pay more attention to checking the pallet mould weight and strength before design.

Btw, Optimize waterway design according to the actual situation of the customer's plant to recommend suitable runner design and mould size.




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